Accelerating the decentralized future

AE is a team of security researchers who bring their offensive security expertise, tactics, techniques, and hacker mindset to help secure the crypto ecosystem.

Fractal makes DeFi yield simple, stable, and diversified. Fractal is an omnichain fixed yield protocol. It uses market-neutral quantitative strategies to issue USDF, a yield-bearing collateral asset for DeFi.

The first smart contract solution that enables automatic recurring crypto payments without locking up funds — it’s autopay for web3.

Meow eliminates the need for complex crypto wallets, to enable the most direct and compliant  bridge between institutional investors and crypto market yield.

Milkomeda is a protocol focused on helping non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) cryptocurrencies to achieve and maintain mass adoption with EVM-based sidechains

Momentranks is the premier platform for tracking and analyzing blockchain collectibles (NFTs). They provide accurate, real-time valuations for NFTs and the tools for collectors of any experience level to make informed decisions on their journey.

Using Nomad, developers can securely build cross-chain applications (or xApps) and bridge assets between chains

Developer of a chatting platform designed to connect with web3 communities. The company's platform requires no username and password to signin, enabling users to connect wallet and chat.

Obol is building trust-minimized access to Ethereum Proof of Stake, and can be used as a core building block in a variety of Web3 products as a core component to Ethereum’s staking infrastructure.

Parcl is a first of its kind blockchain-based real estate automated market maker designed to allow users to benefit from broad (or granular) exposure to the world’s largest yet often inaccessible asset class.

POAPs are digital mementos, minted in celebration of life's remarkable moments and are fully owned by their collectors.

Polynomial is helping realize structured products in DeFi by spearheading an aggregator for on-chain decentralized options. Polynomial’s protocol enables the most efficient pricing and liquidity for options across DeFi

Privy offers application programming interfaces (APIs) that developers can use to manage and integrate user data. The encrypted data is privately associated with on-chain addresses to allow developers to text or email users without directly handling their personal information

Syndicate is simplifying the DAO creation process to make collectively forming DAOs and investing in tokens and NFTs seamless and very easy

US Bitcoin Corp builds and operates some of the largest Bitcoin mining facilities in North America, and is led by a renowned mining operator.

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Mona spaces are beautiful social worlds in the Metaverse for people to collect, show off art, and gather with others.

Farcaster is a decentralized social network and an open protocol that can support many clients, just like email.

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